Is Using Notes During Your Speech Good or Bad?

You’re bound to read mixed advice regarding whether or not it is good to read your speech. Some advice will suggest that it can be valuable while others will advice against it. So what should you do? What will give you the most success when presenting to your audience?


10 Public Speaking Tips That Will Actually Help You

You’ve no doubt encountered many pieces of advice in books and online that tell you the most important things to do when preparing or giving a speech. From my experience, here are the 10 most important public speaking tips that will actually help you.

Why do we fear public speaking? Here’s my story

It’s often said that we fear public speaking more than death. And in many cases, this is genuinely the truth. Why do we fear public speaking? For many it’s a result of a negative past experience. For others it’s a fear of making a mistake. For a few it’s a fear of not knowing your subject matter well enough. In this post I’m going to tell you what lead me to overcome my fear of public speaking

The Top 3 Books to Read Before Your Next Speech

As with anyone starting out on their journey to conquer their fear of public speaking, I have read numerous books to help me on my way. You no doubt have either commenced your search for a book to help you on your way (which may have lead you here) or have already started reading a few books yourself.